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Healthcare Marketer’s Exchange gets personal with Carling founder

SAN DIEGO, CALIF., March 18, 2017 – Didi Discar, the founder and principal of Carling Communications, built her company through hard work, persistence, and the lessons she learned early in life. Her father, Santos Discar, taught her self-reliance, gratitude, patience, and how to do the right thing without the expectation of reward.

These lessons prepared Didi for her career in the pharmaceutical industry and how to deal with a common misperception in the business world: that as a young businesswoman she might be a pushover, or someone who was simply out of her league. Her answer, “Never ascribe to malice something that can be explained by stupidity. Save the energy, and focus on battles that are worth fighting for.” Using that philosophy, Didi has created one of the most successful health care advertising agencies in southern California. A company that continues to thrive, a place where people produce great work, and where colleagues truly enjoy working with one another.

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