The Refinity Skin Health System is a combination of unique peels and daily skin care products that were initially developed by COSMEDERM® more than 10 years ago.


Cosmederm approached us with a need to revive and clearly define the Refinity® brand within the highly congested space of aesthetic facial peels and home care products.


Working together, we immediately developed several advisory board meetings in Southern California to solicit insights and feedback. We saw a strong market existing for Refinity as an innovative peel and skincare regimen that provides maximum efficacy and tolerability for all skin types—challenging the misconception that an effective peel must cause irritation.

This positioning would introduce the proprietary science behind the exclusive, patented COSMEDERM®-7 anti-irritant technology, which allows the use of high concentrations of glycolic acid without the pain associated with most peels.

The plan included driving home the unique benefits of a peel that requires no downtime, while tying in how the entire Refinity home skin care line is most effective when used before and after a peel.


Brand rejuvenation began with breathing new life into the product presentation. The cooperative redesign of Refinity packaging helped elevate and freshen the brand’s look and feel, incorporating elements of clinical sophistication in modern style.

Together, we also developed “Embrace a Busy Life” as the campaign for both HCP and patient executions. The imagery and text spoke directly to the demanding, fast-paced lives of patients and their need for a skin care regimen that meets their high standards for effective treatment without interfering with their schedule.

This “no pain, all gain” mindset was illustrated with an image of a woman, overlaid with snapshots of her busy life, including having time for a Refinity peel without ever breaking stride during her day.

The campaign integrated seamlessly into the website, offering patients and physicians more detailed product information, including access to patient and physician-facing videos.

The supplemental videos provided physician training as well as dynamic testimonials with actual patients, highlighting the personal benefits of using Refinity products.


The campaign successfully increased brand awareness and education both with patients and physicians. Refinity has been steadily adopted into practices while selling more product this past year than in the last decade. This shift prompted the exploration of additional revenue streams for Refinity, including direct-to-consumer programs that are currently under development.