ThromboGenics needed an advanced assessment tool that physicians could use to comprehensively evaluate patient clinical signs, retina anatomical issues, and other existing physical characteristics.


ThromboGenics was looking for a way to accurately identify appropriate patients for treatment with JETREA.


Working closely with the ThromboGenics team, we determined that a custom-built digital application would be the most effective asset to put in the hands of sales reps. Our goal was to quickly and clearly educate physicians about appropriate patient selection for JETREA, and this tool would be an innovative and interactive way to start the conversation.


Together, we developed an interactive digital app that featured hypothetical case studies of symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion (VMA) patients, while providing a recommended treatment approach based on clinical presentation. The app then went a step further, offering images and data of actual patient cases from JETREA clinical trials and showing patient outcomes after treatment.


With 16 patient cases to choose from, the app allowed reps to tailor their sales calls to each individual retinal specialist based on the physician’s existing knowledge of JETREA.