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Our Passion

We are an inspired bunch, driven by the desire to know more and to do more. Turning strategy and storytelling into compelling creative that empowers patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals around the world.

Pop the corn, sit back, and enjoy our work

Meet the team
That works as a team

Working with the Fishawack Group of Companies, Carling collaborates with a range of strategic, creative, and medical communication professionals around the world.

Highly responsive and ready to help you succeed, we tailor our teams across the organization to help meet your specific marketing needs.

Our Services

Strategy. Storytelling. We make connections.

That’s because we are true strategic partners who specialize in:

  • Unlocking the highest potential of your brand
  • Tackling market challenges with intricately developed individualized strategy
  • Ultimately crafting and sharing your unique story

Our Experience

Each client is unique.
And so is our approach.

Your business is our business. We see the relationship between agency and client as an exchange of ideas and a shared vision between partners. We believe in our principles, techniques and welcome challenge. We blend strategy, creativity and genuine passion to deliver what our partners expect. Results. We’ll work alongside you to deliver the very best for your brand.