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Med Ad News profiles Carling in its annual healthcare agency issue

SAN DIEGO, CALIF., April 19, 2017 - When discussing the agency she founded in 2010, Didi Discar was quoted in the Med Ad News April issue, saying “We determined that we could best serve clients when we act as the mission control—guiding clients to ensure that “IT CAN BE DONE’ gets done in the most efficient and financially responsible manner possible. We built upon this thinking in 2016 as we found that it really resonates with our existing and recently onboarded clients. And it led to a second year of incredible growth.”

The agency continued to expand its client roster by fostering new relationships with companies working in the United States and abroad. Dermira awarded Carling Agency of Record status while Roche, Alcon, Charleston Labs, Pernix and Acerus asked Carling to develop strategically sound tactics. Additional assignments came from current client Valeant Pharmaceuticals.

You can read the entire Carling profile here.

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