Account director is on MM&M’s short list of Women to Watch

SAN DIEGO, CALIF., April 10, 2017 - The MM&M Women to Watch is designed to salute 20 aspiring health care commercial and marketing executives who are distinguishing themselves in the mid-stages of their careers. Grace Battaglia, account director, Carling Communications, was selected for this prestigious list based on her unique skill set and standout performance in the agency.

As account director, Grace led her team in developing a comprehensive relaunch strategy for BELOTERO BALANCE®, a dermal filler initially misunderstood by HCPs and lacking in market awareness. The centerpiece was a disruptive “face-less” creative campaign, clever enough to capture the attention of HCPs and patients, and reinforce the need for etched-in wrinkle filling. The results were impressive — the brand gained 2 full market share points within first 6 months of relaunch and the campaign created the etched-in line market.

Once dermal filler RADIESSE® gained FDA approval on its new indication to treat hand volume loss, it needed to build awareness and demand among health care professionals and consumers about this first of its kind product. Grace developed the US launch strategy that garnered 540 million impressions through national/local media, increasing consumer brand awareness and added 400 new customers, and increased sales 20% year over year for existing customers who added on RADIESSE for Hands. The campaign was awarded “Top Launches of 2015” by Plastic Surgery Practice magazine.

And with all that talent, Grace is also intelligent, funny, and always perfectly coiffed. When submitting her nomination, Carling Communications HR manager Nicole Blazie said of Grace, “And when there’s more stuff on her plate than is humanly possible, Grace never misses a beat, she never wavers, she never lets us (or the client) see her sweat; and all this, she does being perfectly coiffed and sharply witty.”

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