Didi Discar

/ Principal

Didi enjoys raising the bar. Whether she’s exploring market opportunities with a client or leading a discussion among seasoned physicians, Didi poses targeted, thought-provoking questions that elevate the level of strategic thinking and stretch the creative boundaries of those around her.

With her persistent drive, unwavering optimism, and 20 years of pharmaceutical experience, the Carling group of companies' founder spearheads innovative and effective strategies that powerfully impact the market.

Didi’s knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in ophthalmology, is matched only by the quality of her deep-rooted relationships with a myriad of industry representatives, key opinion leaders, and clients.

Didi began her health care marketing career in 1993 with Wyeth-Ayerst (now Pfizer) after earning a biomedical engineering degree from the University of Southern California. She went on to help develop and execute strategies for nearly 50 brands in the health care industry, including Astra/Merck (now AstraZeneca) and Allergan, overseeing the global launch of ALPHAGAN® P and RESTASIS®.

Randy Adams

/ Executive Vice President, Client Strategy

Some may say Randy has an unfair advantage.

After 13 years on the client side of pharmaceutical sales and marketing, Randy instinctively knows what a client needs and how to effectively assist a client’s marketing team in enhancing their strategic plans.

Randy leads strategic development, helping clients evaluate, structure, and execute the most effective plan for their market space. And, with his experience, he skillfully navigates the client around potential pitfalls while relentlessly driving the marketing process forward.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, Randy has also built strong relationships with key opinion leaders and industry representatives who provide valuable feedback and insight throughout brand development and research.

Randy initially made his mark in the health care market as a top salesperson at Dura/Elan Pharmaceuticals, which led him into sales analytics. He first stepped into marketing at Women First Healthcare, and then expanded his experience with Allergan as a product manager on RESTASIS®, launching the brand’s first direct-to-consumer campaign.

He was later named Director of Marketing for the entire dry eye franchise and also held the role of Marketing Director for External Disease Brands. Randy also has medical device marketing experience in aesthetic dentistry, having spent nearly 2 years as Director of North America Marketing for Zimmer Dental.

Nik Patel

/ Senior Vice President, Medical Strategy

Nik is all about organization and efficiency. In everything he does, he strives to wow clients while driving strategy and innovation with aggressive goals, all the while looking to overdeliver.

Nik uses his vast experience in medical communications and the pharmaceutical industry to deliver best-in-class results for his clients.

Nik’s background includes 14 years of pharmaceutical experience across a wide variety of venues. He has owned his own pharmacy business; he has been a Medical Science Liaison; he led the Medical Affairs group at ThromboGenics, Inc. Through this diverse experience, he has worked across the spectrum of Medical Affairs, giving him a unique perspective to share with his clients.

Nik received his doctorate of pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Sciences and followed that up with a postdoctoral fellowship in Medical Communications/Education through the Rutgers Institute for Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowships.

Lisa Pecora

/ Executive Vice President / CFO

Lisa is a master storyteller. Using a balance of financial analysis, interpersonal insights, and business acumen, she crafts detailed narratives that synthesize where we've been with where we're going—and then safely navigates the course to that next level of success.

Lisa’s focus on strategic direction and daily administrative operations drives the storyline of continuous improvement and profitable growth. Her team is the backbone that keeps operations running smoothly inside and out.

For the past 15 years Lisa has led corporate finance teams and advised on operational strategy across multiple industries. Her work has spanned from helping to secure funding for start-ups to executing financial and global operational restructurings for large enterprises.

Previously, Lisa directed financial planning and analysis for CareFusion, a leader in the medical device industry. She holds a BS in finance from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Jen Redmond

/ Senior Vice President, Medical Strategy

Jennifer is a dual threat. She pairs deep scientific insight with strategic thinking to make sure every brand she touches has an edge in the market.

During her 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, she has worked with top companies in diverse therapeutic areas. She worked most recently at Merz Aesthetics, where her scientific expertise led to her heading up the overhaul of the marketing strategy of BELOTERO® BALANCE, creating and executing campaigns that differentiated the brand from competitors and boosted sales. She later built on this success by developing a highly effective sales team as the National Sales Director at Merz. Jennifer’s keen knowledge of facial aesthetics and its myriad products and devices have given her wide renown and a strong reputation within the dermatology and plastic surgery communities.

Jennifer began her career as a top performer in field sales for Elan Pharmaceuticals, which led her into sales training surrounding the launch of ZONEGRAN® for epilepsy. She later moved back into the field as an award-winning regional manager, spending 10 years leading successful sales teams in epilepsy, movement disorders, and aesthetics and working with such brands as DIASTAT®, MYOBLOC®, BOTOX® COSMETIC, JUVEDERM®, and LATISSE®. Jennifer’s background in science provided her the opportunity to take on a physician relations role in medical affairs with Merz, where she focused on the scientific messaging for the aesthetic injectables RADIESSE®, BELOTERO BALANCE, and XEOMIN®. It was in medical affairs that she identified a strategic need for the repositioning of BELOTERO in the market and thus transitioned into leading the successful marketing efforts for the brand.

Jennifer’s ability to guide science-backed strategies coupled with her desire and ability to build lasting professional relationships drives her success.

Sherri Wilkins

/ Chief Creative Officer

Above all things, Sherri is a Tar Heel. North Carolina born and bred, she brings her Southern charm to Southern California, using it to get the most out of those around her and to do the best work for her clients.

Sherri believes in team-based partnership. Through her role as Chief Creative Officer, she seeks to form a symbiotic relationship between our team and the client, ensuring that the success of one means the success of the other.

Sherri has 15 years of creative leadership experience in health care advertising, growing up in agencies in New York and Southern California. She has vast experience across therapeutic areas, with emphasis on aesthetics, ophthalmology, oncology, diabetes, and cardiovascular. She has served as creative lead on the launches of Cosmederm’s Refinity® Skin Science product line and Merz’s injectable portfolio. Across the years, she has worked on brands for heavy hitters like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Alcon, Baxter, Allergan, Stiefel, Baxter, Amgen, Obagi Medical, and SkinMedica.

Rob Heller

/ Vice President / Creative Director

Rob brings a passion… for passion to the creative department.

Whether engaging with clients or conceptualizing with the creative team over the latest marketing challenge, Rob leads others in conjuring their imaginations and developing inspired creative solutions.

And while this process is often grounded in market research and (at times) dry clinical data, Rob is known to prepare the creative team for this amorphous task with something as scientific as…breakfast burritos and mimosas.

Rob thrives on cultivating real, raw ideas with his team, providing an opportunity for all to contribute and collaborate. As an accomplished artist with nearly 10 years of experience in print, interactive, and multimedia design, Rob also provides grounding and direction for driving a budding concept to the next level of targeted impact.

With a dynamic mix of consumer and health care marketing experience, Rob has brought inspiration and energy to campaigns for Bausch + Lomb, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Heidelberg Engineering, and others. He continues to breathe new life into the health care creative space and assist in the strategy and launch of prescription-based products within both national and global market spaces.

Jim Haag

/ Vice President / Creative Director

Jim is somewhat of an illusionist. He has the ability to make ideas appear…out of nowhere.

And while some may try to mask a weak idea behind an attractive design, Jim knows it’s a campaign built on a clever, strategic concept that truly drives successful marketing.

Throughout his marketing career, Jim’s boundless energy, strategic concepts, and creative solutions have continued to introduce award-winning work into the consumer and health care advertising space. With this background, Jim provides experienced guidance to his creative team of designers, writers, and developers as they execute campaign strategies that penetrate, permeate, and persuade the market.

Jim has launched and supported numerous global health care brands with clients such as Abbott, Baxter, Covidien, Upsher Smith, and AstraZeneca. Jim brings his 17 years of creative direction, fresh conceptual idea generation, and eye for detail to every project—ensuring alignment with the overall communications strategies on every brand.

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  • Jim Haag

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